Who are the Wine Buddies?

Wine Buddies are a "small lot" LIMITED RELEASE generative NFT art set of 350 wine bottle characters from the mystical fields of Vineland, where grapes grow year round and the wine flows from pristine rivers.

It is whispered among inner winemaker circles that the Wine Buddies brought fine wine production to our world and even instructed the very first Master Sommelier!

Many of their family names may sound familiar to you, but that could just be from a wine buzz!

What The California Raisins did for raisins, the Wine Buddies are here to do the same for wine!

Who are they made for?

The Wine Buddies are first and foremost made for lovers of wine! Consider your Wine Buddies character a badge of honor.

Additionally, collectors of rare limited release NFTs and those who appreciate original illustrated artwork will also consider them a "must-have".

Giveaways and Airdrops

All Wine Buddies NFT owners will be eligible for random giveaways and airdrops that may include direct shipments of wine, wine gift certificates, Ethereum, and much more.

Initial Price

All Wine Buddies are already generated and will initially be available for .02 ETH each (plus gas fees) on OpenSea.

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Generative Art Details

All Wine Buddies were randomly generated using 10 distinct properties with some being rarer than others. Every Wine Buddies character also received a randomly generated name (including details from famous wine regions) and a brief statement about the types of wine they prefer.

Certain randomly selected traits have created some interesting combinations, so please understand that no intended offense was meant towards any person or wine bottle. That's the beauty and uniqueness of each individual Wine Buddies character. Relax... just enjoy more wine!

Future Ideas

If Wine Buddies are a success and sell out, then there is room for more bubbly! Several other ideas have been tossed around including a video game, figurines, T-shirts, and more.


Master Winemaker

Wine Buddies is the vision of Ryan Vinson, a wine lover and tech consultant for over 25 years. He enjoys making amateur wines as well as writing reviews and making videos for his wine blog at Son of Vin.

Artistic License Master

Wine Buddies' properties were illustrated by master illustrator Michael B..